You Don't Have to Kill Yourself to Get a Body to Die For!

Venus Index Calendar Model April

Venus Index Calendar Model April

From Frail to 70 Pushups and Hot!

April, now a mom to two, first got fit and strong when she joined the army.

She worked hard, didn’t over eat, and was able to do incredible things like 70 pushups!

Of course there is no magical formula that allows you to say in boot camp shape once you’ve left the army so like many of us, she found herself seeking to regain that body but nothing worked.

Trying to Achieve Hotness all the Wrong Ways!

Trying everything to get back to this level of hotness, she took the same wrong turns so many of us did. She did things like CrossFit until she was about ready to puke.

She actually got fat training for a marathon! How is that even possible? Doe this sound familiar?

“I’ve just run for 3 hours. I deserve this pizza and big meal with all my crew!”

April found Venus Index and set out to prove that John Barban was wrong! Just 3 hours a week could not work!

April was going to ask for her money back when she’d proven it didn’t work!

Instead, she’s going to be a Venus Index Calendar model!

Learn more about April’s journey to minimalist hotness here!


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