Why Transform?

Finding Your Motivation

Do you suspect it’s hard work to lose weight and get in shape?

Well, you’re not wrong. It does require work, some of which can be uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone is crazy like that! It’s, um, uncomfortable!

Are You Really Comfortable?

How’s it going for you now? Are you really enjoying that they don’t make clothing for your size that fits properly? Or that you dread going to social events and would rather stay home in sweats with the remote? Do you want to be the one making the entrance for a change?

Positivity Begets Positivity

Picture this if you’ve never seen this done. Everyone is in a dark room, holding candles, wondering what’s going to happen. The speaker lights a candle, then touches the flame to the next person’s wick. They then each light all the candles near them and everyone with a lit candle does the same. In no time, what was just a black space becomes a warmly lit room full of joyful people.

Transformation Spills Over Into All Areas of Your Life

Making any positive shift in your life is just like that! It’s like that book about giving a mouse a cookie. If you get slimmer, you buy new clothing. While you’re trying on new clothing, you realize you look better! Since you look better, you start walking with a bounce in your step. People notice the bounce in your step and start to greet you. Everyone offering friendly greetings makes you feel generally happier. Feeling happier, you are nicer to you family. Since you’re nicer to your family, they more willingly do small stuff around the house. The house looking better makes you want to tackle that gardening project. With the garden project done, you spend more time out of doors and start hosting parties. At your parties, you get to hand out and relax with friends.

See where I’m going with this?

This isn’t conjecture. This is fact. Creating new habits requires work and getting out of our comfort zone but the benefits are so worth it. Put down the fork. Take the batteries out of the remote!

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