“Why is my body so WEIRD???”

Yesterday, I heard this cry in a dressing room.

“Why is my body so WEIRD???”

I used to say the same!

“Why can’t clothing be designed to fit REAL bodies?”

Okay, please don’t hate me but I just realized, I don’t say this anymore. Everything I tried on in my size fits me pretty much perfectly.

Why is that?

When you carry excess body fat and have insufficient muscle, the body shape is pretty random. The clothing manufacturers do indeed try their best to accommodate a variety of shapes but honestly, they can’t predict every possible place your body could be storing the excess body fat.

Once you slim down, getting down to a healthy level of fat and put on a nice healthy amount of muscle (which will help you maintain your bone density, how cool is that?), guess what? Clothing fits! Off the rack!

Okay, there are still issues. I’m so darned tall that most dresses and one piece bathing suits still won’t work. But assuming the length is suitable, the other variables are spot on. It all boils down to waist, shoulders and hips. Hitting your ideal numbers means clothing just fits! Learn more about hitting your ideal numbers here.

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