What Hairdressers Can Teach About Fitness

I am not a big beauty person. But I do know that when I don’t got to the hairdresser regularly, I feel a little more shabby each day. My hair gets split ends, and looks limp, dull, and frizzy. My hair is an extension of me, so then I feel a bit more limp, dull, and frizzy!

I could of course cut my own hair. I suspect more people than ever have resorted to this with the pandemic. It’s harder than it looks, right? Did you count the times you said, “Oops?” Did you dread what your hairdresser would say when you finally had the courage to crawl back and get it fixed?

And do you feel competent to style your hair daily, especially when it’s grown out? Or do you resort to pony tails or hats to cover your crowning glory?

I’ll bet you’re wondering what all this has to do with fitness!

Hairdressers go to school to learn their craft. They do this because they are especially interested in hair. After graduating, they practice and continue to learn and hone their craft for life. They follow new science and trends. They stay abreast of new product developments. In doing so, they also convey their learnings to you, the customer. Every single time you have a hair appointment, you have an opportunity to learn more about your own unique hair.

Fitness is no different. Sure, you can wing it and perhaps wind up injured or demoralized. Or, you can attend classes with trained professionals who will help you learn to overcome your weaknesses and imbalances and increase your strengths.

Have you been neglecting your fitness regime? Did you know there are many ways to get and stay fit? I am going to be offering online classes soon, and there will be special founders rates, so please stay tuned for more information!

2 thoughts on “What Hairdressers Can Teach About Fitness

  1. I went to a trainer for tips, when I had problems with my neck and back and she created workouts for me, that I could do. As I got stronger, she created new work outs. Definitely helpful to get expert advise!

    • Yes! Trainers are so amazing for helping us overcome our issues and learn to function better. Sounds like you found someone who really helped you.

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