What Are You Reading?

Diets Don’t Work

It’s funny how people conclude that diets don’t work. They follow a diet and lose weight. Then the “finish” and gain the weight right back.


Proved it.

Diets don’t work!

You know what else doesn’t work?

Washing dishes.

Brushing your teeth.

Clipping your toenails.


Why can’t all this crap just stay done?

Success Requires Work

Obviously, the thing so many annoying tasks have in common is that they require ongoing work. But some days, I just. Don’t. Wanna!!!! Waaagh!

(Yes, I’m actually whining here for realz!)

I do not want to do laundry nor dishes nor vacuum the floor and I most certainly don’t want to go grocery shopping, prepare meals today, do the dishes yet again and so on. Oh heck, I don’t even want to comb my hair and put on a bra but I’m gonna because I’ve got errands to run and I’m keeping up appearances.


In order to keep on track with life and motivation and success, I read. I’d say I read about half fiction, just for the fun of it, to nurture the soul, and half self-help or motivation or whatever you’d like to call it. Sometimes it’s online, like FlyLady, a wonderful resource I studied for a few years. (Note I say studied and not mastered.) I’m pretty sure you can find the answers to everything by reading FlyLady long enough and you’ll certainly get many laughs and not a few sweet tears. And a whole pile of knowledge on how to keep up with daily stuff that just needs doing and also make headway if you are “behind” on anything. She maintains we are not behind, we just start where we are. I love that!

Optimism and Happiness

I know for a fact that transforming, having a cleaner house, learning a new skill or reading a good book all contribute to our optimism and happiness. But happiness is a hungry monster that requires constant feeding.

I recently read The Happiness Advantage and came away with an improved understanding of happiness itself. And I’ve just finished Learned Optimism and am thrilled to have discovered that one can actually become more optimistic. My current issue with both these reads is the information can so easily float away once you’ve put the book aside. Perhaps these are two to own and study. I will be reading a few more books on these topics and considering revisiting those that speak to me most.

I’ve just started Change Your Posture, which deals with the Alexander technique. Just a few pages in and I’m thoroughly intrigued! I strongly believe there are many ways of approaching the same issue and we can all benefit from doing internal and external work. Try it all! Reiki, herbs, acupuncture, meditation, role plays, lifting heavy weights, walks through nature, laughter with friends. It’s all good and it’s all healing.

What are you reading?


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