What? ANOTHER Weekend?

I’m a little over halfway through my self-inflicted no-rebound diet challenge and I’ve just finished a weekend that’s got me back at my original metrics. What is UP with these weekend thingies? It seems like very week, there’s another one! Boom!


No, we don’t party every single weekend but lately, it sure seems like that. Usually it’s November and December and January is a quiet time to recover. This year, we seem to ┬áhave not broken our pattern of at least one event every single weekend, sometimes 2 or 3.

And that’s okay! We are here to live life and socialize. If eating happens to be a part of that, it’s not the focus but it’s still to be relished.

We Don’t Deprive Ourselves and we DO get Get Back on Track

When we attend events, we don’t do that suffering dieters not touch anything or take a tiny plate restriction thing. Sometimes, we don’t manage to exhibit enough restraint! We’re only human!

Taking regular metrics helps us understand way sooner than needing new pants does that we have to do a little bit to get back on track. When faced with the choice of buying new jeans or going on a 3 month diet, I can see why shopping would be the path of least resistance. When faced, as I am now, with a 2 week challenge to help make up for 2 months of being a bit looser, it’s not so daunting.

Clothes On Look

What keeps me going every day is that the clothing looks pretty much the same as when I am at my absolute best.

Plan for This Week

This week looks pretty much like last week. Instead of 2 fasts, I’ll have to do 3. Well, I already did one of the 3 yesterday so that means between now and Friday, I need to do 2 fasts to hit my goal. Oh and metrics lie a tiny bit. Yesterday, my waist was within 1/4″ of my final goal so I do know I have made progress! Today I have a bit of bloat but tomorrow I should be fine. I’ll hit the gym a few times as always. I’ve got a few possible costume dresses picked out for my event and all is looking on zigzag track!

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