Weight Lifting Benefits Runners!

Back when I was flailing, hitting the gym for hours and hours and convinced I could exercise away my fat, I was doing a super challenging Sports Conditioning class at my gym. It is a bit of a cultish class. Something along the lines of Crossfit, except without the dedicated equipment. The feelings of being about to throw up and that being the main goal are about the same as with Crossfit and similar workout “cults”.

I did this class for a few years and I did notice fitness improvements but I also had a lot of injuries and I just didn’t get all that much better on the sprints.

When I started doing transformation competitions, I didn’t have the energy for this class most of the time so I wound up taking many months off at a time and then, out of the blue, would pop back in after a contest.

What never failed to surprise me was that I was always improving on the sprints and I no longer got injured.

How could that be? I never run. Well, okay, I run for planes, when chased (that one happens mostly when I’m asleep), and when I’m underdressed and very, very cold – usually on the way to the gym from the parking lot. But that’s it. I swear.

It turns out that weight lifting benefits many other activities, even if the program is not specifically designed for that program. A well-designed program such as the ones I endorse will cause improvements in all areas of using the wonderful machine that is your body. Learn more from someone who has seen his running improve as a result of lifting weights.

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