Weekend Coming

Here’s the wrap up of the first week of no-rebound diet:

  • Thursday: Fasted
  • Friday: Maintenance
  • Saturday: Out of control
  • Sunday: Unplanned fast to balance out Saturday
  • Monday: Maintenance
  • Tuesday: Planned Fast #1
  • Wednesday: Maintenance
  • Thursday: Planned Fast #1

And that brings us to Friday, today, the day before the weekend.

Lesson: Don’t Open the Floodgates

Today has already been a tad challenging. Even if you don’t fast regularly, there is valuable learning in fasting. One thing that ┬áhas come out of it is that I now pause and chat with myself before reaching out automatically for food any time it’s available. At first, the conversation went, “Self, are we fasting now?” and if the answer was yes, I stopped myself. It was freeing, actually! Now, the conversation is goes on to include questions like, “Self, can we afford these calories right now?” and also, “Self, are these amazing and delicious and are they going to be worth it?”

Sometimes, it’s totally worth it and “we” get to eat. But other questions can come up. “Will I get plenty of opportunities soon to have this yumminess again?” came up a few times this week when there were snacks placed before me and I was invited to partake. Even though I was hungry, knowing the weekend is coming and we have some fun eats planned means I just can’t spare the extra calories right now.

And I remember from last Saturday that just one bite can be all it takes to open the floodgates.

Today, I nearly gave in and had just a bite. But nope. There is no such thing as that “just one bite” logic. Unless it’s awful, I know I’m going back for more. And more. Until it’s gone.

So today, I passed. Not a bite. It’s just safer that way. Even though I wanted some! I’m only keeping it this tight for another 7 days and then I’m taking a break. Of course, after the break, I might need to go another round with the strictness!

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