Washing the Dishes

Clean DishesDieting is Housework

I had this idea when I was first dieting down to my ideal ratio that I would actually come in a bit low and then whenever I had some party food or a small setback, I’d already be ahead of the game.

Unfortunately, it turned out it wasn’t livable to try to maintain under my ideal weight. It was too restrictive and miserable. Even 1-5 pounds lower is too low.

So I actually maintain just a tiny bit over my absolute ideal, photo ready look. And I constantly strive to hit those metrics. And I do!

Dishes are Never Done

Dirty DishesI look at it like doing the dishes.

You can’t wash more dishes than are currently dirty.

You can’t wash tonight’s dishes right now, no matter how convenient that would be for you. You have to go ahead and make dinner and then wash the dirty dishes afterward, when you’re tired, full, and frankly, don’t feel like doing it!

Same for dieting. You can’t get ahead of yourself. When you’re done, you’re done. And then there it is again. Dishes. Or extra calories. And so you do the work, again.

It is not obsessive to be on a diet for life.

In this culture of food being over abundant, of celebrations happening far more often than we even realize, this is how it has to be.

Here is a quick tally of some opportunities to overeat I’ve attended just in January this year:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Monthly club potluck meeting
  • Monthly potluck meeting at my daughter’s choir
  • Child’s birthday tea party
  • Park potluck with friends
  • Child’s birthday party

This list doesn’t even include weekends or fun dinners I made or anything else and January was by no means a light month. My kids actually get hit with even more excuses to overeat. Any sporting event lasting more than 30 minutes seems to require packaged junk food. <insert eye roll>

I have the opportunity to overeat easily  6-10 times every single month. That averages out to overeating every 3-5 days. Sometimes, I am able to plan for it so it balances out but other times, I didn’t know the event was coming or the food was so amazing, there was no way I was going to have all that much restraint.

And knowing that you cannot simply make up for a big overindulgence in one day means you may spend the majority of the other days making up, especially in very fun and socially active months.


Track your food while you diet down to your ideal weight. Then you can wean off the tracking. I screwed it up the first few tries for sure. I just didn’t want to accept at first that I was still overeating on such a regular basis so I would have to skip so many meals per week and experience hunger so often. I kind of wanted to have “graduated”. I think the realization was that acceptance of this is graduation.


These are the carefully selected research based diets I used to transform and will continue to follow for life.

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