Venus Index Review: Love at First Sight Soulmate of Programs

Where to begin? Reviewing the Venus Index program is like a newlywed reviewing her beloved partner. No, more than that. Maybe more like a new mom reviewing her baby. There just aren’t words that are glowing enough so excuse me while I try to convey how I feel.

Oh, and to put this in perspective, I have purchased quite a few online programs in the last 18 months before I finally stopped searching and started seeing the results I was after. They are all good, don’t get me wrong, but this is the one. The love at first sight soulmate of programs.

Are you feeling me?

Naomi Sandoval Venus Index Open Contest WinnerIt doesn’t hurt that I took first place in the first ever Venus Open contest. It doesn’t hurt one teeny tiny bit that at 46 years old, I was able to get my body into the absolute best shape I’ve ever been in, and that’s saying something. It doesn’t hurt that I was able to overcome a plateau from my initial transformation attempts that had gotten me to pretty freaking good, better than average, but not all the way to elite, where I wanted to be.

The diet and exercise systems John Barban and Brad Pilon put together are extraordinary. These guys did actual research on what makes a body most attractive and then figured out how to get you there. I’ll be talking more about these in other reviews but suffice it to say they put together a whole package of magic that just fit! Just BAM! Insta-results, no more flailing.

So what is Venus Index? Simply put, it’s an exercise program designed to take any woman, whether she is novice or advanced, from wherever she is to her ideal body shape. That’s a tall order and I’m a tall woman. Venus Index delivered.

And if you don’t believe me, here are some pictures of me in my best shape pre-kids, compared to now:

I have finally achieved the feminine look I was always after while maintaining strength and shape. Venus Index helps reveal the flattering shape we’re all after as women. The research John Barban did ┬áis about the ideal ratios that the opposite sex finds most attractive and how to get as close to those ideals as possible.

So what does Venus Index look like? Generally, it’s about 3 hour long workouts per week, plus any cardio exercise you feel like doing. I have gone from a Cardio Queen to just doing what I want and not doing it at all if it doesn’t make me happy. So, for example, I might go for some nature walks with my kids or catch a Zumba class and some weeks I do a Sports Conditioning class which I love for the comraderie. I’ll probably run stadiums for about 20 minutes once a week when the weather cools off here. But none of those things is doing anything but making my heart happy (both because they are fun and because they promote heart health); they are not required for achieving the Venus look.

My whole adult life, well, the bit before I got fat anyway, I wore size 10-12 pants and was okay with that. I never dreamed of being in size 4 pants and didn’t think that was even possible. When it happened, no one was more shocked than I was. Some days, I still pinch myself to make sure this really is all happening!

The best part? I am totally clear how I got here and what I need to do to stay here. Therein lies the difference between Venus Index and any other program I’ve ever seen. And for those of you who want to do the same, I can help you with this process too. There isn’t so very much point in achieving your ideal if you have no idea how to maintain it or how you even got there. Venus Index lifts the veil.

3 comments to Venus Index Review: Love at First Sight Soulmate of Programs

  • Dora

    Just wondering if I would be able to do this program? I have to admit, I never got thru the 10 min intro video that doesn’t have a pause button. Did check out the TT program just a bit and one of the workouts. I tried one of the exercises and could really not complete one… I’ve got “check out VI on my to do list”.

    • Most people can do either of these programs, TT or Venus. If there were a medical issue for not being able to lift weights or in the case of severe obesity, I might not recommend them. The beauty of these programs is they are challenging no matter what your level because you choose weights that challenge you. So a beginner might be on the top left of the dumbbell rack and an advanced lifter would be dipping into the second row of weights. Anyone with biceps like yours doesn’t need to worry! Will you need to be careful of your knees? You bet; excellent form is king.