Venus Index Phase II Review

Venus Index History

For a quick recap, I’ve done the Venus Index Circuits and Venus Index Specializations (Boosters). This is what I used to win the Venus Index Open.

Then I did the original Venus Index program. I know that seems kinda backwards, but I came off another program that used circuits so when I started doing Venus workouts, that seemed like the place to start.

For extra giggles, I do the Adonis Index program as well with my husband, who won the 5th Adonis Index Transformation Contest.

Whew! Got all that?

Little hearts have been floating up off of me for the last 6 plus months because this stuff is so fun. I’ve practically abandoned cardio entirely. I keep a hand in but only if it’s fun.

Venus Index Phase II

I’ve just finishing up Venus Index Phase II. It was totally worth the wait and a total dream of a workout, combining the very best of Adonis and Venus!

These workouts are a very “and now for something completely different” kind of experience! The way it works is that crazy John Barban has you do something new, interesting and challenging for a few weeks and just when you think you’ve got the hang of it and can do it with your eyes closed, he tosses in a week of something different. For you Adonis Index fans, Venus Index Phase II is much like RAGE in layout.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s how it looks. First there are intermittent supersets. These incorporate 2 different rep ranges and many combination exercises. So  you might do a higher number of curl and press (so that’s a biceps curl right into a shoulder press), rest, then do a lower rep range of straight shoulder press, immediately followed by curls. By this time, shoulders and biceps are fatigued and off you go to the next bit, perhaps chest and triceps, then some lower body work and finishing up with core.

I know I’m not explaining this so very clearly but the workout comes with videos and concise descriptions that make it all quite clear. I don’t want to give away the whole program so I’m being somewhat vague intentionally!

Each workout in the program is unique so whatever you just did, don’t look for it again. There is no getting bored!

Just when you’re getting the flow of the workout, week 4 comes along and you’re doing pyramid sets. Fun!!! Just 6 exercises, sounds like a breeze, but it’s 7 sets each and let me tell you, your muscles are done by the end! These are challenging, advanced workouts!

Weeks 5-7 are X-sets. What’s an X-set? I didn’t know either! It’s 2 different exercises (exercise A and B) and you do something like a superset of 13A and 5B, 8A and 8B, 5A and 13B, all without a rest! You then do it again, swapping the exercises. It’s confusing on paper but very fun to actually do.

Week 8 is those darned pyramid sets again!

And weeks 9-11 are progressive pyramids. They are not as long as the RAGE progressive pyramids but you wind up doing pyramiding your way up to 3 different exercises, going heavy, back to back, and then working your way back down.

And of course the final week is those darned pyramid sets again!

I’d say my biggest mistake in doing these workouts was doing them while trying to cut at one point in the middle. Phase II is taxing and yes, it can be done but it’s just such a fun workout, I am not sure I’d want to do it again anything less than full strength! Once I got my head screwed on straight about that point, I went right back to having a blast and looking forward to the gym every single time!

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