Venus Index Phase 3 Review: Check Your Ego at the Door! (Part 1)

Venus Index Phase 3 is a Weird Program!

I’ve reviewed many programs and it’s generally a pretty straightforward procedure. Venus Index Phase 3 is, from the very first, in no way straightforward. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that the general concensus is it’s a pretty weird program.

Good weird or bad weird?

You be the judge! Read on!

Background: What is a Venus Index Workout?

First, let’s get our bearings. Venus Index Phase 3 is, surprise, surprise, the 3rd step in the Venus Index sequence. So unlike the Adonis programs, that have cool, fun, confusing or boring names, depending on the program, the Venus Index programs just go along in order. This is helpful so you know whether something is suitable for a beginner (by which I mean a beginner to Venus Index, not a beginner at the gym) or something a more experienced (with Venus Index) lifter might choose.

The reason for doing them in order is that each workout builds on the previous one. You learn more about the insanity that is John Barban how each program flows as your curse work your way through each program. Also, each program builds upon the previous one. So while you will find Phase 1 challenging at any point in your workout career, jumping directly to Phase 3 would likely kill you. Splat. So don’t do that. It ruins your whole day.

Each Venus workout is 12 weeks of unique workouts. You do a given workout, say Week 1 Day 2 and then never do that exact workout again.

What’s unique to Venus and very, very cool indeed is that for every single Venus program, you can do any workout as a standalone workout in any order! So this means that once you’ve gone through a given program once, you are welcome to toss all the pieces of paper up in the air and choose any one at random! John calls this “Lego blocking”. What this means is you can put together a program to suit your tastes and never risk workout boredom. Because let’s face it: we all get bored in the gym at some point. That simply never has to happen with Venus Index workouts!

Okay, now that you know a bit more about Venus Index, let’s back to our story.

Phase 3 Nearly Killed Me!

I don’t like to get all dramatic (okay, I lie, I totally love it, at least on paper and your computer screen) but this workout ain’t no joke, sistah. As I can’t go back in time and change how my life played out, I’ll never know if that is because of the fact that I was recovering from a virus that set me back quite a bit or because it was actually that hard. What I do know is the first few weeks had my usual level of cursing (never aloud, I promise) and grueling face making up to a crazy new level, not to mention my sweat quotient (your starting weight divided by pounds of sweat left on floor) in the actual danger zone. They saw me coming and sent staff to wait on hand with mops.

Protein and Creatine

Again, we can’t live our lives over again with different variables but I do wonder during my virus and recovery period if I ate anywhere near enough protein. I do know I quite creatine. Right around when Phase 3 came out, so did an updated version of the Reverse Taper Diet and an Uncensored Podcast on Supplements. The long and the short of it is I realized I needed to up the protein and creatine. So although I felt like the slow process of recovery might mean I actually had chronic fatigue syndrome, I can honestly say that a few weeks into Phase 3, I felt back up to full strength at long last. Was it the workouts too? I’ll never know. I am simply grateful to be back.

So what’s Phase 3 all about, anyway?

Check Your Ego at the Door!

Venus Index Phase 3 is by far the most unusual, confusing and humbling workout I’ve done so far! And that’s saying something as I’ve done all the Venus workouts at least once, most of the Adonis Index workouts, and other wonderful online programs including Turbulence Training, Final Phase FatLoss, Shape Shifter, etc, and, well, I’ve never felt quite so silly.

First off all, I want to wear a t-shirt that says, “I REALLY CAN LIFT MORE THAN THIS” in huge letters. I am usually wanting to gently pry the 5 pound weights out of other women’s hands and substitute in something heavier than the weight of a bag of groceries, her handbag, or her child. You know, something she’s already lifting 1000 times a day. Now I feel the eyes of the other women on me as I struggle at times with a humiliatingly light weight.

Secondly, I strongly suggest you get yourself a towel for these workouts and perhaps show up with a few lawn chairs for spectators. People will stare. They will wonder what the heck you’re up to. This is one reason you simply must do Phase 1 and Phase 2 before you even consider doing Phase 3. Because you must know what you are doing. By this point in your lifting career, you should not just be flinging weights around. You should be putting your focus on the muscle and your full intention into each and every movement.

Part 2 of this review is coming soon so stay tuned.

Venus Index Phase 3 Results

Meanwhile, I leave you with a photograph of the results to speak for themselves.


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