Transformation Seminar

I Tried Everything

You know how some people tell you they tried everything but if you drill down, you find out they maybe read about everything or talked about things an awful lot, but didn’t do a whole lot of getting up off their asses?

Well, when I say I tried everything, I mean I researched and put into practice, rinsed, repeated.

It was crazy-making!

Transformation SeminarIn an act of utter desperation, I bought myself a ticket to a transformation seminar.

I was finally going to get this mystery unraveled and find out the inner circle secrets of how a 45 year old woman could lose fat and get a strong, lean, sexy body.


If I expected to get the secrets, I was in the wrong place. Each presenter only got an hour to talk up their program. Everyone tried to sell me something. No one taught me their secrets! <smacks forehead> What did I expect?

The Meeting After The Meeting

No problem! We all know the real action happens during the evening socializing and what was so cool about this event was that we got to hang out with the presenters! The rockstars! We’d be able to rub shoulders with the faces we knew and loved from online.

Well, those who bothered to show up, that is.

And then the reality.

The presenters were insular and cliquish. Some were downright rude. I felt like a sad, fat, ugly, unwelcome, smelly old dog.

That said, some were incredible and I’m honored to have met them. I will call out right now the handful of presenters who made an impression on me. These people were kind and 2 of them even bothered to learn my name and remember me after the seminar. They came across as real people who absolutely cared, like I do, about helping others transform. If you ever get a chance to rub shoulders with Holly Rigsby, Isabel De Los Rios, John Romaniello or this awesome Canadian meal-planning body builder who didn’t even make the schedule, you know you are in for a treat.

Unbelievable Presenters

Some presenters did not walk the walk, especially the dude who put the seminar together. I don’t find this credible. His photos look nothing like the real thing. I understand it’s stressful to put on an event but if you are a poster child for fitness, the physical event is your moment to shine!

Why Hold Conferences at the Beach?

Personal pet peeve time. Who wants to be stuck indoors for 2 whole days in a beach location? I’ll never understand why conferences aren’t held during blizzards or rainstorms or in the desert during dangerously hot days. Ya know? I’m now lucky enough to live in a warm climate but still, I find it very odd indeed that we stay in our air-conditioned bubbles instead of getting outside on glorious days.

The Inner Circle Secret to Transformation!

Okay, it turns out this seminar was 100% worth the ticket and hotel price. Even though I’ve just griped like mad, I learned something that turned everything around for me.

I honestly had no idea, none whatsoever, that every single person up there who looked credible had to pay attention to their diet on an ongoing basis.

That was a huge newsflash for me.

Every single complaint above was but a flutter of a butterfly’s wing against my cheek because I walked away empowered. This was the turning point from flailing to success and I am eternally grateful for how it all unfolded!

Have you turned a corner on your journey? When was it? Or what are you waiting for?

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