Transformation Is a Family Affair! Part 2

I’m so nervous and excited! Today, the conclusion of my Venus Index guest blog has posted.

So why am I nervous? The topics I’m covering are very charged. People feel very free to voice their opinion about what’s best for our children and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Like religion, politics and money, this is not a topic we are able to openly discuss with friends.

My Gorgeous Tween Daughter

My Gorgeous Tween Daughter

Here is some of what I’ve realized from our family’s experience while digging deep to write this post:
  • Children learn more from what you model than what you say. Lectures and direct commands are next to useless and not at all inspiring.
  • You must learn first. While we were still fat, we certainly couldn’t model living at an ideal body size and shape nor how to transform and get there.
  • Once we learned and succeeded, the conversation floodgates opened. Children can only take in so much so fast. As I look back to how I was raised, I realize that learning from my mother about eating healthfully was a lifelong series of small exchanges and that I continued to study this topic. It is only recently, after having discovered the Venus Index Uncensored Podcasts that I am feeling completely secure in the knowledge I share; these podcasts are completely research based and devoid of the pervasive marketing hype that most of us so easily find influencing our beliefs.

Go read and let me know what you think! If you would like to hear more on this topic, please let me know.

Read the blog post here ——->   Transformation is a Family Affair! Part 2 <——


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