Transformation Contests galore! Start tomorrow!

I’m back in contest mode! Who’s with me?

Tomorrow, my favorite program of all time, Venus Index, is running its fourth transformation contest! If you wanna transform and win some money for doing it, get hooked up! For reals! I’m in it this time too because this is also the first ever Open Level II contest!

For all my guy fans, Adonis Index is also running its seventh transformation contest!!! Again, this is the best program on the market, bar none. I speak from experience; I’ve done many of the AI programs and am currently doing Anabolic Again Cluster Cycles.

The Venus and Adonis programs are all about achieving a certain look. This look, it turns out, corresponds to a healthy body. Funny how that works! Both programs are designed to help you reach your most ideal proportions based upon your height. The main focus is on weight lifting.

Funnily enough, for people who aren’t leaning in the Venus and Adonis direction, Turbulence Training is running its 13th transformation contest and there is still time to squeak in and finish up with a full 12 week transformation.

So there ya go. No excuses! Get a program, submit your photos tomorrow (Monday) and get moving! You have the day off anyway. What’s stopping you?

I welcome anyone who buys these programs into my cosy group where knowledge and experience are abundant and help is always at the ready! Sign up for Naomi Rules!


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