The average weight of Americans

The idea of taking a cruise sounds intriguing. I love the idea of sleeping only having to unpack once while getting to see a variety of exotic locations.

In my heart of hearts, unfortunately, I’ve actually always suspected cruises are more like an all out eating frenzy. All anyone ever talks about is the food! If the chief reason to take a vacation is buffets, that seems both shallow and surreal! Also, it seems to me I’d be happier and find it more convenient to just stay in a hotel on land rather than need to follow someone’s arbitrary schedule. I’m not saying I’d never do a cruise, but I am not sure I’m the ideal candidate for that sort of vacation.

I thought it was pretty ironic and perhaps not an accident that the number of people allowed on a given cruise ship has gone down because, well, the size of the people has gone up.

As waistlines expand, boat capacity shrinks

I find this bit of the article most disturbing:

Since 1960, the Coast Guard has calculated vessels’ capacity using an assumed average weight per person of 160 pounds. That was seven years before McDonald’s rolled out the Big Mac.

On Dec. 1 of this year, an amended federal rule took effect that recalibrated the average weight of a passenger at 185, a 25-pound jump.

Family October 2008

Here’s why that’s so disturbing. We have not gotten significantly taller! So this means that both men and women passengers are averaging 185 pounds. Unless you are a man and at least 6′ tall, you have no business weighing that much. I know that statement may make waves but I stand behind it. I am female and came close to that weight and it was beastly. Here’s a family photo where both Al and I weigh about that much.

The last thing Al and I were thinking about at the demoralizing weight of 185 pounds was waddling on to a boat for an all-you-can-eat frenzy.

How is it that people just give up? Or once they get like this, not having any hope whatsoever of finding their way to a healthy BMI. I am here to tell you it can be done! Believe and start taking steps.

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