Team Naomi Wins/Time to Save on Venus and Adonis Index Programs!

Lots of very extiting news today! First of all, two of my clients placed in the Adonis Index and Venus Index contests today and I am a nervous wreck. This coaching malarky is stressful!

If  you are on the fence about buying these programs, just do it right now! Venus Index and Adonis Index are on sale for 50% off until Friday! There is nothing to think about. I’ve purchased many programs and I’ve never experienced results like this. I thought I was doomed to be dumpy and frumpy for the rest of my days. There is nothing to lose. Seriously, just do it now. Then come on over and join the winners!

Check out Brooke, who won 4th  place in the Venus Index Transformation Contest!

Brooke Kramer Venus inde Transformation Contest Winner

And Al placed in the Adonis Index Open Contest! For those that are counting, that’s the 2nd win for Al!

Al Sandoval Adonis Index Open Contest Winner




2 comments to Team Naomi Wins/Time to Save on Venus and Adonis Index Programs!

  • Lisa

    You both look amazing!
    Please get in touch when your in town!
    I love the logo! So proud of you both!

  • Very cool. Way to go NaomiRules team

    There is also hero(et), besides Coach that, has too pump me thru time (Annete F.)a fellow NaomiRules member..your recognition is known in our group and should be known publicly too.

    I drop my hat off and give much respects to her.