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Venus Index Contest Photos!

Today is the last day of the Venus Index and Adonis Index contest. Don’t worry, there is another one right around the corner that you can (and should) enter. This is the first ever Open Level II contest for both Venus and Adonis and both my husband and I have entered so lots of excitement […]

Family Portrait: Walking the Walk, Together

This is us. My lovely family just 3 short years ago.

My goals in beginning my personal transformation were always about the whole family.

This is us now.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

Inspired yet?


What does Transformation mean?

Yesterday, I posted some photos of Al and me working out. I realize that in doing so, I may have alienated some people.

When I set out to transform myself, I had the same goal I’ve always had. Since my late teens, I’ve wanted to look as I now do. I just never could get […]

Team Naomi Wins/Time to Save on Venus and Adonis Index Programs!

Lots of very extiting news today! First of all, two of my clients placed in the Adonis Index and Venus Index contests today and I am a nervous wreck. This coaching malarky is stressful!

If you are on the fence about buying these programs, just do it right now! Venus Index and Adonis Index are […]

Learn the Secrets of a 47 Year Old Cover Girl

Naomi Is a 47 Year Old Venus Cover Girl? Say What?

Oh wow! I’m a poster child! A cover girl! Check it out! I’m on the front page of the Venus Index FaceBook fanpage.

And, if you are considering buying Venus Index and want to learn more about the Venus Index Community (forum) feature, […]

Al's Transformation, Part III

Read Al’s Transformation, Part I and Al’s Transformation, Part II

I know you’ve all been following along closely these last few months as Al completed his amazing transformation.

Did I mention he was entered in a transformation contest? Go look!

He won! Oh yeah!

And here’s another photo.

Feel free to comment below!!!


My Husband's Transformation, Part II

Al Before And After Back Double Bicep

If you haven’t seen the first post with before and after photos of my husband’s transformation, go look!!!

Al has been working out consistently for the last three years and he has made great strides in slimming down from his all time highest weight, but it wasn’t until 3 months ago that he was ready […]

My Husband's Transformation!!!

Squee!!! I’ve been waiting for freaking evah to be able to share these pix with you all.

I’ll tell ya what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna do it like the big guys. I’m going to give you a taste and then, I’m gonna stand over here and whistle, look casual, and pretend I’m all calm. […]


When I was still not able to believe it was possible to get the body I really wanted, I looked closely at the photos of the people I was following. Some regularly posted current photos and I felt like they were the real deal, or in some cases, I wondered if they were on steroids. […]

What is a Realistic Body?

Every Day Look?

I posted my photos here with the idea of motivating people. That has definitely worked! People have seen what I’ve been able to achieve and are inspired. Some want to look like I do now, while others would be happy to get to where I was a year ago, around 9 pounds heavier but still […]