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There is Never a Perfect Time to Transform

Short and sweet post.

I sat around waiting for the stars to align so I could begin my transformation.

During this time, I accomplished nothing.

Well, not nothing. I stressed a lot and felt angst and misery quite deeply.

There will never be a perfect time to transform

So start transforming now.

I strongly suggest […]

Bulking Experiment

Naomi used a DEXA or DXA scan to measure her results. DXA scans are used primarily to evaluate bone mineral density.

Last time I shared that I had some health setbacks; I started 2012 in the best shape of my life and ended it in much worse shape. In December I had a DEXA […]

It’s Beach Time!

Hey everyone, the water’s fine! C’mon in!

Or, if you’re like me, dip your toes, boogie board for about 20 minutes, but mostly hang under the umbrella enjoying the ocean breeze, watching the kids, and snoozing catching up on reading.

Wait what?

It’s not beach season yet?

Yeah, okay, even here in balmy North Florida, […]

Girl Metrics Suck

Scale Tomfoolery

It occurred to me after I took my starting metrics that sometimes, girl metrics suck. Not only had I carbed it up the night before with lasagna and 2 4 desserts at a potluck, I also had PMS bloat. The good news is that the event I’m preparing for will not be during […]

My Venus Index Open Level II Contest Interview

One of the best parts of winning an Venus Index Contest is the honor of getting interviewed by John Barban. Listen to my latest interview here.

In the interview, I talk about what it’s like to spend an entire year keeping focus and working towards my goals.


I'm proud of myself

Naomi Sandoval Venus Index Open Winner 2012

I don’t know why it feels awkward to admit that I’m proud of myself. But I am. I haven’t come right out and bragged that I took 3rd in the latest Venus Index Open Level II contest. It’s a pretty big deal for me; this is the […]

Venus Index 1st Place Transformation Winner Lost 60 pounds after 2nd Baby!

Another Venus Index transformation contest, another round of inspiring winners. People, what are you waiting for? Venus Index is half price until Friday. Don’t overthink this! Get going now and you’ll be ready by summer. Check out my buddy Shannon, who just had her second baby and was 60 pounds up not that long ago! […]

Venus Index Contest Photos!

Today is the last day of the Venus Index and Adonis Index contest. Don’t worry, there is another one right around the corner that you can (and should) enter. This is the first ever Open Level II contest for both Venus and Adonis and both my husband and I have entered so lots of excitement […]

Another Venus/Adonis Winner!

I am so proud of Brooke for winning the latest Venus Index Transformation contest. Surf on over to see her beautiful, inspiring photos and learn more about the process. Brooke has been with Naomi Rules throughout her transformation journey.

Brooke talks about how she watched my transformation unfold before her eyes. We work out […]

Transformation Contests galore! Start tomorrow!

I’m back in contest mode! Who’s with me?

Tomorrow, my favorite program of all time, Venus Index, is running its fourth transformation contest! If you wanna transform and win some money for doing it, get hooked up! For reals! I’m in it this time too because this is also the first ever Open Level II […]