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There is Never a Perfect Time to Transform

Short and sweet post.

I sat around waiting for the stars to align so I could begin my transformation.

During this time, I accomplished nothing.

Well, not nothing. I stressed a lot and felt angst and misery quite deeply.

There will never be a perfect time to transform

So start transforming now.

I strongly suggest […]

Kiya's Transformation Story: Guts and other tender bits...

Reprinted by permission. http://community.venusindex.com/entry.php?10082-Guts-and-other-tender-bits

Guts and Other Tender Bits

by Kiya Black

Something that came to me today, as I was out and about, enjoying the gorgeous weather, being social, having fun.

For years – years – I didn’t actually feel like my body was fully MINE. It was parceled out. A bit to the […]

Why Transform?

Finding Your Motivation

Do you suspect it’s hard work to lose weight and get in shape?

Well, you’re not wrong. It does require work, some of which can be uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone is crazy like that! It’s, um, uncomfortable!

Are You Really Comfortable?

How’s it going for you now? Are you […]

Transformation Is a Family Affair! Part 2

I’m so nervous and excited! Today, the conclusion of my Venus Index guest blog has posted.

So why am I nervous? The topics I’m covering are very charged. People feel very free to voice their opinion about what’s best for our children and it can be very confusing and overwhelming. Like religion, politics and money, […]

Transformation is a Family Affair!

You Become Those with Whom You Associate

Just as you are the sum of the people closest to you, you and your family members influence one another both now and in the future.

Today, I’ll talk about how our children are affected by how moms treat and view their own bodies as well as how […]

Flailing and failing at transformation

Naomi Sandoval: Still dunno nuthin' 'bout no ghrelin

ghrelin, leptin and things that go bump in the night

We’ve all heard of hormones, right?

Back when I was flailing and failing at my own personal transformation, I studied up like mad on all the usual suspects:

broken metabolism how to get a flat belly hunger hormones like ghrelin and leptin

Oh how my […]

Watching Paint Dry: A year of progress







Transformations are quick. Recomposition is slow. A year ago vs now. Can you see the difference?


Learn how the heck I did this! Check out the diet and exercise programs that actually work.


Venus Index Contest Photos!

Today is the last day of the Venus Index and Adonis Index contest. Don’t worry, there is another one right around the corner that you can (and should) enter. This is the first ever Open Level II contest for both Venus and Adonis and both my husband and I have entered so lots of excitement […]

Venus Index Circuits Review - or How to Win The Venus Index Open Contest

Get the Venus Index Circuits, the program I used to win the Venus Index contest!

I’ve already shared how Venus Index is the workout program that makes my heart go pitter-patter and whittled my waist to an actual feminine size once again. Before I came across this program, I was using Turbulence Training.

This is […]

What does Transformation mean?

Yesterday, I posted some photos of Al and me working out. I realize that in doing so, I may have alienated some people.

When I set out to transform myself, I had the same goal I’ve always had. Since my late teens, I’ve wanted to look as I now do. I just never could get […]