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It Hurts to Get Older

Growing Older Just Hurts

We all know it. We accept it. I put my back out for the first time at around 30. All my coworkers said, “Yup, that’s when it starts to happen.” Sure enough, it happened again. And again. I’m sure my chiropractor was grateful for the business. What was next? Was it […]

Standing Desk and Glute Activation

Please excuse the mess! This is my desk:

I kinda wanted it all prettied up before I showed it on the Internet but I’m realizing in life that it’s okay to move forward even if things are not perfect.

I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I’ve been using a standing desk. First, I’d […]

I don't do

Don’t need no stinkin’ cardio to get lean! But watch out for the giant hands!

People sometimes come up to me at the gym while I’m lifting weights and ask me if I’m a runner. As if the only or best way to get a long, lean look is by running.

Would you believe […]