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No Rebound Diet: The Results

Well, the results are in! I did a 2 week no rebound diet and, as many of you predicted, I did indeed succeed! And to follow up, I chose to continue and have gotten all the way back to my ideal waist as of 4 weeks from the start of this challenge. #gallery-1 { margin: […]

What? ANOTHER Weekend?

I’m a little over halfway through my self-inflicted no-rebound diet challenge and I’ve just finished a weekend that’s got me back at my original metrics. What is UP with these weekend thingies? It seems like very week, there’s another one! Boom!


No, we don’t party every single weekend but lately, it sure seems like […]

My Not Crash Diet Plan

No-Rebound Diet

Yesterday, I posted that I am doing a short term, no rebound diet. I checked my numbers in the Reverse Taper Diet and determined that the most I can lose is 1/2 pound of fat per week. If I attempt to speed up my progress, I will rebound. This is why people think […]

No Rebound Diet – AKA Naomi’s Gonna Wear a Dress

Ruh ro. The dress doesn’t flatter.

Naomi’s gotta do a quick diet.

An event has come up and Naomi’s gotta see what can happen, realistically, by the end of the month. Naomi doesn’t wanna be seen wearing a dress with her belly pooching out.

(Okay, what’s up with the 3rd person? Maybe I don’t really […]

How Much Protein and When to Eat Protein

Does protein help with muscle growth?

Absolutely it does and the research bears this out.

But do to time your protein intake? Specifically, do you need a post-workout protein shake (or a pre-workout or during workout supplement of any sort)?

I just read about a recent study over on Brad Pilon’s blog (http://bradpilon.com/weight-loss/post-workout-protein-dare/) where they […]

How to Transform and Succeed at Maintenance

Gripped with fear

Before I began my personal transformation, I found myself frozen with fear at the prospect of doing something that was so obvious to everyone around me and then failing by gaining back all the weight. Once I finally figured out how to make the transformation, I still didn’t feel fully confident that […]

How to Successfully Diet: Diets DO work!

Everyone swears that:

they have Tried Everything they are Broken and that Diets Don’t Work

Oh and also all the programs out there will tell you that It’s Not Your Fault!

If that were all true, why even try in the first place?

But then how do you explain people like me who were fat, […]