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“Side” Effect of Transforming: Getting Younger

Let a Stranger Kick You?

A friend who’s been steadily dropping fat for about a year now said she recently tried a kick boxing class. It, ah, wasn’t what she expected. As in, people were trying to kick her. She was thinking it was more, you know, kicking and punching at air. I can’t […]

Darned Wheat!

A year ago, I gave up wheat for an extended period. The short story is I was suffering crazy gut issues and as part of my healing, gave up wheat, yeast, sugar in all forms and fruit juice – a simplified Leaky Gut Syndrome diet put together by my chiropractor. There were other parts to […]

Being overweight causes cognitive impairment

This recent study was about ex-football players, but it is not a huge jump to the general population. Yes, football players have taken more than their fair share of concussion causing bumps to the head. I’d speculate that even those of us who have not had our heads thrashed so much suffer cognitive impairment as […]