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Restricted Eating Leads to Binging

This post is not designed to offend anyone. I apologize in advance if it does.

So many of my friends seem to be dieting or attempting to hang on to their improvements with a set of difficult eating rules. Or they slim down and then backslide, then conclude that diets don’t work.

I do a […]

Scratching the Eggnog Itch

Pumpkin Lovers: Knock Yourselves Out!

Every fall, all the pumpkin flavored stuff comes out.

If you want squash in your latte folks, knock yourselves out. I’ll leave the gourd flavoring out of my food, thank you very much.

Eggnog: This is where I live!

Me? I’m holding out for eggnog season.

Eggnog lattes! Eggnog ice […]

How to Successfully Diet: Diets DO work!

Everyone swears that:

they have Tried Everything they are Broken and that Diets Don’t Work

Oh and also all the programs out there will tell you that It’s Not Your Fault!

If that were all true, why even try in the first place?

But then how do you explain people like me who were fat, […]

Fat is a Creep!

This is one of those controversial posts. I don’t like being controversial, but I do strive to be honest, open, and helpful.

So, in that spirit, here goes.

I’ve put on about 2 pounds. My waist is up 1/2″.

Aaaagh! Aaaagh! Run screaming.

Okay, no, not really.

I know, most would say, what the […]