Strong is the New Sexy

Strong is the new Sexy Tank Top

Strong is the new Sexy Tank Top (from

You’ve seen the t-shirts by now.

Strong is the New Sexy

The idea was that we should not turn into skinny heroin chic super models. We should not be afraid to lift weights and get strong!

And indeed, I fully agree! Nothing makes a body, male or female, more sexy than having a shape defined by muscles.

But that’s just it. The muscles need to show.

So it’s not being “strong” that is the goal. We’ve lost the goal!

What was wrong with the “Old” Sexy?

When did being sexy become, um, un-sexy? Or when did it become not okay to want to admit to being actually sexy, not goal-hijacked sexy?

All the work I’ve done in the last 4 years has been about getting to ideal ratios. We all can approach the same basic ratios when we strip away excess body fat and add shapely, dare I say it, sexy muscle.

The issue I ┬áhave with goal hijacking is that we forget what we set out to do. If “strength” alone becomes the goal, we risk chasing something that was perhaps never really what we wanted in the first place.

If STRONG is the new sexy, what was wrong with the "old" sexy?

If STRONG is the new sexy, what was wrong with the "old" sexy?

This doesn’t just happen in weight lifting. There are so many activities we do in life where we lose sight of why we started in the first place.

Sexy is Still Sexy!

I am here to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy and attractive. We feel more confident and this leads to increased happiness and productivity, also great co-goals. It all works together. Building a strong, sexy, healthy body takes work over time. Learning to maintain leads to success spillover.

What are your physique goals? If you really believed you could achieve the body of your dreams, what would that look like? Here’s mine:

Strong AND Sexy

Strong AND Sexy


2 comments to Strong is the New Sexy

  • Carla Mar Hill

    This is a big problem I see in among fitness enthusiasts. If “strong” is your goal, that is wonderful. If “who cares if I’m strong; I just want to be sexy” is your goal, that is wonderful, too. If “strong AND sexy” is your goal, then GO FOR IT!!! But I frequently hear too many women gloating and putting themselves above other women just because they can lift heavier in the gym. It’s not a contest who lifts heavier unless you are in an actual formal competition. Live and let live. Let our results speak for themselves.

    • I agree with you, now, Carla, but you got there a lot quicker than I ever did. I have been using poor form to sling weights around, not understanding my goal wasn’t to impress myself but rather to actually work some smaller muscles,not have bigger muscles take over. All this work and little shoulder development, for example. Now I am leaving the ego at the door and picking up the cute little “Barbie” weights for shoulder work. It’s humbling but it’s actually working the muscles I’m interested in!