Starvation Mode

Everyone tosses around terms like “starvation mode” and “broken metabolism”.

Before I go on, ask yourself, honestly, do you really understand what these terms mean?

Also ask yourself, do you actually believe that these are common conditions?

You may be surprised to learn that researchers were forced to come up with explanations for why weight loss in their subjects did not occur at the expected rate and that is where these terms originated, but the fact is, people lie or unintentionally mislead; diet records are incorrect.

The industry standard even with current research is to ask people to remember what they ate for the last 3 days. From memory. That’s crazy! When I’m logging my meals, if I get side-tracked and don’t get a chance to write it down, it’s gone! Sometimes, I remember something hours or days later and I’m someone who is fully focused on this stuff! Most people are simply not aware or manage to forget a lot of what they eat. Obese people and women are more likely to lie on purpose but even accidental misreporting is going to skew the data.

Yes, there are metabolic conditions, but do not use these as an excuse to not try simple proven strategies for losing fat and getting into shape. Often, there are quite simple explanations for those that have “tried everything” and all it takes is a little digging, a new insight or 3, and progress begins!

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