Starting a Dialog with Overweight Kids

Let’s assume it is okay to love our children enough to want to help them to leaning down, assuming there is a need.

Let’s assume we love and support our children no matter what their size.

Let’s assume we want the best for them for their whole life. This includes optimal health, both physical and emotional.

Let’s assume that we will continue to love them during setbacks and failures and our love is not conditional upon their size and shape.

Let’s assume we accept that sometimes, as parents, we need to have awkward conversations with our children.

How would you start this dialog?

Or would you start this dialog?

I suggest two thoughts if you answered no to the last question. Consider channeling someone from at least 50 years ago or someone from a different culture; where/when it was normal to broach this topic.

What would you say?

Where would  you be?

Just like the Sex Talk and the Drugs Talk, sometimes we need to initiate Difficult Conversations. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we don’t have to do it.

So, talk me through it.



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