Smart Shopping

It’s a heck of a lot easier to shop when clothing fits well, which kinda goes with the territory when you approach your best shape. Shopping pains (you know, where you stand in the dressing room near tears wondering why manufacturers can’t seem to make anything that flatters your particular shape, and yes, I’ve been there!) are largely a think of the past. It is amazing to look at size charts and scan right down tops and bottoms and yup, they’re all pretty darned close to my measurements! Same for my whole family!

I still have my own particular quirks like being stupidly tall, having a long torso, and sloping shoulders, for example, that make some looks seriously unfortunate on me, but for the most part, so long as the color suits me, I can pretty much know most things will look good on me.

So now it’s a matter of only allowing in items that make me feel amazing while letting go of things that just don’t make me feel like a million bucks.

From this month’s carefully chosen items:

Under Armour top natural light

Under Armour top natural light $6 at Plato’s Closet Consignment Store

Athleta Shorts artificial light

Athleta booty shorts $14.99 at online seasonal sale with special free shipping coupon! These even sport a little iPod pocket!

As I have just gone up 2 sizes in shorts, the situation was getting pretty dire. It’s just not pretty to have the leg roll all the way up so underwear is practically showing, plus it’s uncomfortable. If I’d been able to find these locally, that would have been my first choice. eBay is also a good bet for getting a good deal but this price wasn’t bad for something I’m going to get an awful lot of use out of.

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