“Side” Effect of Transforming: Getting Younger

Let a Stranger Kick You?

A friend who’s been steadily dropping fat for about a year now said she recently tried a kick boxing class. It, ah, wasn’t what she expected. As in, people were trying to kick her. She was thinking it was more, you know, kicking and punching at air. I can’t imagine just showing up and letting strangers kick me. Or, actually, ever letting them do such a thing.

Anyhoo, the instructor modified the class so she didn’t have to get the crap beat out of her. So that was nice.

And she was pleasantly surprised that she could do stuff like run and jump.

Inflammation Plus Extra Poundage Lead to Limited Mobility

Maybe that sounds ridiculous but she, like me, had been carrying a fair bit of extra poundage long enough to adjust to the notion of not being able to do all the useful stuff our bodies are designed to do. Which totally sucks. I could barely get up from the floor and the knee, back and neck pain were barely tolerable. But what do you do? You tolerate. It’s not like you have a choice.

When I started working out again nearly 5 years ago, I kept spraining or straining my ankle in this sports conditioning class. And then it’d just go if I was walking across my own back yard. I’d crumple to the ground and moan for a while before I was able to move again. I guess I had weak ankles.


Fitness Spills Over Into Other Areas! How cool is that?

Once the fat came off and the strength came up and the injury healed, I went to that class and could sprint, for the first time in my life, at 46 years old. I ┬áhadn’t been working on sprinting. I just showed up and could do it now.

My friend is just healing up an injury so I’ll bet she was surprised to be this nimble. It’s an exciting feeling to be young again!

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