Grass Fed Whey

Do you have any idea how much protein you have on average?  Do you know how much you should be having?

Most women are not getting anywhere near enough. Many women average under 20g/day. The FDA recommends a minimum of 50g daily for women and 70g for men. From there, many factors can only increase your needs. Exercise, pregnancy, nursing, and healing from illness are among many factors that increase the body’s daily minimal need.

A cost effective, healthy way to increase your daily protein is by adding in a scoop of whey protein powder. I swear by Warrior Whey because it’s:

  • delicious
  • healthy (no hormones nor antibiotics)
  • from grass fed (pastured) cows
  • processed with low heat
  • absorbs easily into liquid (no gritty weird texture)
  • digests  well
  • a highly bioavailabe form of protein
  • economical
  • highly portable

Warrior Whey - High Quality Pasture Raised, Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder