Setbacks are the Norm, not the Exception

My Daughter Recovering from Surgery

My Daughter Recovering from Surgery

No excuses people. None. I simply will not allow you to get away with that crap anymore!

Too Poor to Afford Good Food

When we were flat broke, our excuse for getting fat was that we could only afford pasta so we had to get fat? Oh yeah? Well have you checked the package label? That box serves 8! Check for yourself! And we all know carbs beget carbs. We actually spend less on groceries now and eat far better but less.

Too Sick to Exercise

Last year, I got a nasty mono-like-virus that left me barely functioning for over a month. I did not use this as an excuse to get fat. Sure, I lost some lean body mass, but it came back.

Later in the year, I got such a nasty flu, I lost 10 pounds in one week and once again, had to start from scratch.

Shit Stuff happens. It’s not an excise to get fat.

Too Stressed and Busy to Exercise or Eat Right

June was a major trial for my daughter and me. The short story is she got an internal infection and was hospitalized twice, took crazy amounts of antibiotics and wound up getting surgery. I stayed by her side the whole time and didn’t get any exercise whatsoever. Mostly, I was too stunned to do much more than gaze at her or the TV. I couldn’t even focus well enough to read.

Living on hospital food and takeout sucks. But having counted calories for a while means I was in touch with appropriate portion sizes. The hospital staff was loving me when they caught me discussing my daughter’s meal with the cafeteria crew and I heard numerous times that it would be wonderful if more parents were like me. It really isn’t that hard to plan the choice around a green vegetable and a protein and not always choose the carb and cheese based choice. And take a pass on the sugar drink and dessert most of the time.

As June ends, we are both on track with our metrics. We did not use a health crisis as an excuse to put on 5 pounds. And nor should you.

Home after surgery

Home after surgery

Setbacks happen. Expect it, dust yourself over, and get back on track. Think of yourself as a blind person having seizures trying to operate a motor vehicle with a voice navigation system if you must but just listen to that voice and get back on track as soon as you can.

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