Scratching the Eggnog Itch

Starbucks Eggnog LattePumpkin Lovers: Knock Yourselves Out!

Every fall, all the pumpkin flavored stuff comes out.

If you want squash in your latte folks, knock yourselves out. I’ll leave the gourd flavoring out of my food, thank you very much.

Eggnog: This is where I live!

Me? I’m holding out for eggnog season.

Eggnog lattes! Eggnog ice cream! Oh heck! Just plain eggnog! It’s all good and it’s so, so brief!

Killing a Fly with a Bazooka

But waitasecond. Having a whole latte just to get the yummy rich flavor of eggnog is a caloric overkill! Today I overheard a Starbucks patron query about eggnog and guess what? It’s in da house! The stores may not have it yet but Starbucks is on it!

Could they maybe put a splash in my espresso?

They could indeed! Not only did this (apparently) not increase the price of the espresso, more importantly, it didn’t add significant calories to my day and yet it still scratched the eggnog itch!

Remember, you can have whatever you want! There is no need to have a whole huge indulgent caloric pile of <thing> every time you get a craving. A little dab’ll do ya!

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2 comments to Scratching the Eggnog Itch

  • Tracey

    So is it a eggnog flavored syrup they use?

    • Nope, actual eggnog, but it’s going into a tiny doppio (double espresso) for here cup (because of course you are not taking it to go! Savor the moment!) and it could only be a few tbs, tops, likely less.