Restricted Eating Leads to Binging

This post is not designed to offend anyone. I apologize in advance if it does.

So many of my friends seem to be dieting or attempting to hang on to their improvements with a set of difficult eating rules. Or they slim down and then backslide, then conclude that diets don’t work.

I do a lot of tongue biting. I didn’t always. I used to proselytize share all my information and boy, did that offend people. I’d love to take back so much of what I said because for a long time, it was so, so wrong, and I wonder if people saw me finally succeed and they believe I did it by doing what I used to preach.

No "Bad" FoodHere are some examples of rules to lose weight that may or may not “work” but are not sustainable:

  • Paleo/gluten-free/no grains/no starchy carbs
  • raw food/vegan/vegetarian
  • no chemicals
  • organic/grassfed/free range/local/no antibiotics
  • nothing in a box/no processed food/shop the outsides of the supermarket
  • eating for your blood type
  • eating for your type (protein/carb/combination)
  • low carb/Atkins
  • no sugar
  • etc.

Will these dieting rules help you to lose weight? Yes, sure, absolutely! Or not. It’s not the special rules that cause these rule-driven diets to lead to fatloss. There are ways to follow any of these sets of rules and overeat. I knew someone who started a raw food diet and gained 30 pounds. Now I know it was the nuts, a very calorically dense food.

Here’s the real question: Will they help you sustain your weightloss achievements for life?

I would argue that there is no point to losing weight without being educated on how to keep it off.

What all these diets have in common is that they are based upon a set of rules that require you to give up certain foods for life. Making these foods “bad” is not a sustainable habit. It’s simple human nature. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the experts!

I have ¬†used every single one of the diets above at some point in my life as part of my quest to improve my health or to cut fat. Look, when it comes to fatloss, keep yourself happy and interested. The bottom line is cutting calories below maintenance is all you need to do. How you get there doesn’t matter! I get bored and like to change it up regularly and I quite enjoy both planning and following a plan for a little while so these diets were fun for a while, until the novelty wore off.

What diet do I use now to maintain my look?

The Anything Goes Diet, combined with Eat Stop Eat. I still find I choose to eat more calories than my body needs on a regular basis so I simply enjoy all foods and then, well, stop eating for a while to balance it out!

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