Product Recommendations

Affillate links for products I highly recommend WTF? Is that tetchy knee arthritis. Whatever. Collagen seems to help. Whenever I run out, the ouchies remind me to reorder. I am enjoying the price of this brand. I just use a scoop a day – I saved the scooper from one of the more expensive brands.

I’ve run warm for a good decade. Now I am having extra fun with temperature. It’s a fun little age! I have no idea how people work out in sweat suits. I have taken to carrying around a portable fan. This unit is very quiet, rechargeable, weighs almost nothing, and costs very little. Waving a paper fan around is distracting and heat generating. This no hands model can be pulled out of a purse and used for a few moments or will run for hours if need be. And it can’t hurt during the pandemic; strategically blowing away an airborne virus .