On Boobs and Fatloss and Thoughts on Spot Reducing

A question just came in on boobs and fatloss. Will they or won’t they go away?

The short answer is: Maybe. Probably at least to some degree, yeah. Perhaps entirely. Or not.

Generally, fat is first on, last off. Everyone carries their fat differently. This may be related to hormones and stress.

My husband is doing his cutdown now (he calls me his pocket coach!) and his main goal is getting rid of what he calls his “hate-handles”. I’ll be talking a lot more on goal setting in future blog posts, by the way. He didn’t always have these so I’m guessing now that he’s leaned down a fair bit, his goal is realistic, ie, these will be stripped off at the rate he’s going within a very short timeframe and he’ll be a happy camper!

But I digress!

Back to boobs. If you were thin and had ’em, then the chances are, you’ll have them when you’re done cutting down. But no promises. I’ve heard many a woman say that after kids, she lost what she used to have.  So don’t blame the fatloss. Blame the kids. Oops, I mean, blame fate. Hug the kids.

Here’s another thought on fatloss. It comes off how it comes off. This can be frustrating. I, for example, really wanted it the heck off my belly. It came off my shoulders, boobs, back, calves, face, wrist, ankles, neck, thighs, and then, at last, reluctantly and with a nasty look over its shoulder, it came off my belly. It left some residual, just to keep me humble and as a constant reminder to stay on track.

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