Oh No! Total Diet Fail!

I woke up this morning to the scale up 3 pounds since yesterday morning! And my belly is totally bloated.

I’ve screwed up! I’m way off track! What the heck did I do? How can I have gotten back to where I started?

(Are you buying this?)

The Goal is Fatloss, Not Scale Weight

Mmmmm! Croissants!

Mmmmm! Croissants!

I remember the goal. The goal is to not have to suck in and not breathe in a dress in 2 weeks time. The only way I can get there is to lose fat at a reasonable pace and keep exercising. How do I maintain reasonable fatloss? By sticking to my maintenance calories and throwing in a few fast days.

Yesterday, I stuck to my calories, more or less. I am not counting and I might have had a bit of extra cheese. But 3 pounds worth? That would be roughly 3500 x 3 = 10,500 extra calories. I think I’d remember that. Nope, 15 heaping plates of extra food is not ringing any bells.

But I did indulge in Trader Joe’s croissants which come 8 to a pack for just $3.99. At 150 calories each, two of these did not set me back at all. However, those and the extra cheese must have caused my silly gut issues to go to town.

Plan for the Event

I already know that wheat I don’t specially prepare myself will generally cause bloating but I didn’t realize cheese was also something to watch. So closer to my event, I will add that to the list of foods to avoid. And the starchy carbs and salt of last night’s dinner clearly caused water retention as well, hence the extra few pounds on the scale.

And that’s it. I’m doing fine. It doesn’t appear like that today. But calories don’t lie.

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