My Not Crash Diet Plan

No-Rebound Diet

Yesterday, I posted that I am doing a short term, no rebound diet. I checked my numbers in the Reverse Taper Diet and determined that the most I can lose is 1/2 pound of fat per week. If I attempt to speed up my progress, I will rebound. This is why people think diets don’t work. Diets work. But you need to taper up your calories the leaner you get.

At my height and current weight, I get almost 10,000 calories a week to play with.

Weekly Diet Plan

I love me some spreadsheets for planning. This is the calorie cutting strategy I’ve chosen for the next seven days to help me create this deficit. It has me doing two Eat Stop Eat style fasts and eating at maintenance the rest of the week. I have a variety of ways to divide the calories up and this is the pattern I chose. The lovely Plan C.

Plan C: 2 Weekly Fasts
  • Sunday 1700
  • Monday 1700
  • Tuesday 700
  • Wednesday 1700
  • Thursday 700
  • Friday 1700
  • Saturday 1700

As you can see from these numbers, my maintenance calories are about 1700 and on fasting days, dinner must come in at no more than 700 calories. That means each time I fast, I’ve burned 1000 calories of fat! That means a weekly total of 2000 calories burned. This should easily bring me to the 1/2 pound of fatloss I’m looking to attain as 2000 skipped calories is more than half of 3500. I’ll move those two fasting days around to suit my weekly schedule.

Fasting Was Not In My Comfort Zone

When I first started fasting, I chose to fast on slow days in case I felt grumpy or light-headed. I found it too much of a challenge to go grocery shopping or prepare meals while fasted. Now that I’ve been doing it for a few years, these skills come more easily. Be kind to yourself. Fasting is about more than just not eating. You learn a lot about yourself and your triggers. It’s a growth process.

Keeping Busy During Fasts

Fridays are very busy days for us. I woke up early, made my new favorite coffee beverage* and blogged for a few hours. (Like this! This is how I earn money! If you like what I say, please buy from my links!) ¬†We went to a homeschool park meetup for 3 hours. Home for lunch and schoolwork for the girls and then out again for a Capoiera class. After class, the girls wanted to hang out with other kids for a while. Grocery shopping on the way home and the next thing I know, it’s 6:30 pm! Sweet! As planned dinner was reasonably high in protein and veggies.

Plan Your Meal or Plan to Overeat!

Dinner was rice protein pancakes (rice flour soaked overnight in yogurt, and mixed in eggs, baking powder, almond milk, vanilla, sugar – I don’t measure anymore), chicken veggie sausages and spinach, all cooked in bacon fat or butter. I’m not big on being a fat-fearing eater. I’m going to guess I had about 40g protein, not bad considering I only ate around 700 calories. For now, I am going to see how this goes without measuring but when I did my initial cutdown and for a year after, I was very careful about weighing and measuring. I feel confident that I know what I’m doing by eyeballing it but we all make mistakes so I will get more careful in a few days if I need to.

In my next blog, I’ll talk about my exercise strategy. Stay tuned!

*New favorite coffee beverage goes like this: I make espresso but I instead of just pulling 2 shots, I fill about half a mug. It’s not weak or watery and it’s nice to have something not quite so tiny as an espresso with the same rich flavor. I add xylitol and heavy cream, but starting yesterday, I carefully measured out about 30 calories worth of cream. While this is not a strict fast, I am so used to cream in my coffee and it’s not a trigger to eat so I am not going to stress about “cheating”. I’m clear I am fasting for caloric, not spiritual reasons and this works fine for me.

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