No Rebound Diet: The Results

Well, the results are in! I did a 2 week no rebound diet and, as many of you predicted, I did indeed succeed! And to follow up, I chose to continue and have gotten all the way back to my ideal waist as of 4 weeks from the start of this challenge.

But first, a quick recap of what I was trying to accomplish, and why.

Shouldn’t Naomi Always Look Like Her Photos?

Do you assume that when you see bikini photos that that is what the person actually looks like?

No One Looks Like Their Photos!

Would it surprise you to find out that models don’t even look like their photos? If they did, why would we need lighting, photographers and PhotoShop? So you know there are some tricks just in the taking of the photo.

What you may not be aware of is that the look seen in a photo is but fleeting! For most of us mere mortals, we live within “striking distance” of photo readiness. Or, in the case of those of us that are not models,

“I live within striking distance of event readiness!”

And that’s what this was all about. I needed to make a very subtle change to be comfortable in an outfit.

Naomi Loses 20 Pounds In One Month!

Ha! There’s a headline you will never see! We are so used to this kind of hype and yes, it is way more impressive than the truth.

Naomi Lost 2 Pounds In One Month!

It doesn’t exactly fly off your screen. But here’s the thing.

Losing fat at a slow rate was not sexy exciting but it stuck.

And that’s the key here, people.

Because I am already lean, I can only lose about 1/2 pound per week if I expect to keep it off. For more information on how that works, you can read my whole no rebound diet story or just go learn about the Reverse Taper Diet from the author.

For those of you wondering what this malarky is all about, I was at a local Renaissance fair with a very cool club we found this year, volunteering at their booth to help raise funds for outings this year. Fun!

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