No More Pancake Butt

Check out my “after” and “more after” photos.

Pancake Butt vs Better Butt

Pancake Butt vs Better Butt


The first is a few months after my initial transformation. Not bad, right? But note the pancake butt.

The second photo is shortly after I added in some additional glute work. This photo is about 2 months into this work and I have since achieved better results.

I am eagerly awaiting the new book, Strong Curves.

Free Research Based Glute Training

While we all wait for this long overdue big freaking hairy deal (I know! What could be more exciting than a whole book dedicated to building a better backside?), we can all get going with this free PDF download sampler from the Strong Curves book! They are practically giving away the book. I got amazing results from not much more than this amount of information so what are you waiting for? Forget the Brazilian Butt Lift and get going with research based glute training!

If you like what you see, then go ahead and (pre)order the book here: Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body

2 comments to No More Pancake Butt

  • Deb

    Ooh, so am I Naomi! Ordered it a couple of days ago. I’ll have much longer to wait though since I’m in Australia. Bret Contreras is awesome!