Nipping it in the bud

Mono? I’m too old to get Mono!

In April, we had some fires burning out of control after a particularly dry winter. My throat hurt. A lot. Then I got Sleeping Disease. I found myself taking my kids to whatever activity they had and sleeping in the car until they were done. Normally, I’d run errands in that part of town or work out. Now, lifting a book to eye level was proving too taxing! ┬áMy lymph nodes in my throat swelled up so badly, it looked like I put on weight.

40 Days off since placing in Venus Open Level II

I’d taken off the last week of the Venus Index Contest. But now over a month had gone by and I still hadn’t made it to the gym more than a few times. Luckily, exhaustion meant I didn’t have a lot of energy to prepare food, much less eat. I honestly have no memory of what I ate during the worst of it. Stuff? I also have little memory of getting to the places I needed to be, but I did seem to manage that much. So even without working out or paying special attention to diet, I was within 2 pounds of my contest winning weight. Great, right?

Scale says, “No big deal!” Mirror and pants say, “Nip it in the bud!”

Or as my husband Al says, “Nip it in the butt!” This time, that seems more fitting. Because you know what wasn’t fitting so well? My pants.

Yup, after just over a month, I could already see they were getting tight. Tight enough that in the old days, I’d be at the store buying the next size.


What the heck was going on? The scale weight was within 2 pounds! But the tape measure showed a bad trend. My hips were up over an inch. My waist was up 1/2 inch. And the kicker is that my shoulders were down over an inch! Yuck! All that hard-earned muscle was fading away!

Just using the Tools

So what’s the plan? Nothing special, actually! I can’t jump back full strength. It turns out I apparently didn’t have mono, just some mono-like virus. As far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t make a big difference. While I’m glad I’m supposedly not contagious, my immune system is still taxed with fighting off whatever little monsters got into my body and that doesn’t leave a lot of spare energy for working out.

So I’ll continue to monitor the scale and keep my weight from going up any further using the principles listed in the diet programs I endorse. And I am back at the gym but not full on like before. I can manage at least two workouts a week now, for 30-60 minutes. I’m doing a random Venus Index workout and cutting sets to a maximum of 2 per exercise or circuit. Each workout, I see my recovery times improve slightly, but I also notice I still need a few naps a week. It’s a game of gently pushing and then backing off as I heal. I know I will not let things get out of control, but I also have no intention of setting myself back by overdoing it.

As to the “lost muscle”, it’s not really lost at all! My shoulder measurement will come right back up when I am able to lift full strength again. Muscle cells simply need to be reinflated like balloons.

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