My Husband's Transformation, Part II

If  you haven’t seen the first post with before and after photos of my husband’s transformation, go look!!!

Al has been working out consistently for the last three years and he has made great strides in slimming down from his all time highest weight, but it wasn’t until 3 months ago that he was ready to do what it takes to move past average.

Working Hard but Not Looking Hot

He had been doing what most of us do. Working harder, getting stronger and faster, but not really seeing the results in the mirror. And so then moving into acceptance of mediocrity. He came to accept that this was as good as it gets at his age; that he’d never see his hot college bod again.

You’d think living under the same roof, he’d pretty much have no problem achieving what I was able to achieve. Once he got finally belief that it was possible, the missing pieces of the puzzle were desire (that’s easy!) and commitment (that’s  hard!)

Watching this process unfold, it was totally clear to me when he was ready. I did not feel at all nervous back in late May when I posted that Al was going to make a dramatic transformation.

He did not disappoint.

Finally, the Body of His Dreams!

Here are some more absolutely amazing before and after photos:

Al Before And After Front

Al Before And After Back Double Bicep

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