Get Up And Get Off Your Ass!

Buncha Nutjobs Waking Up and Hittin’ the Gym

I used to think morning exercisers had a screw loose.
Loose Screw
I went to the gym after work pretty much every night in my 20s. Then I got married and had me some kids and made a number of gym comebacks but nothing that stuck for all that long until I finally made my big ol’ transformation.

Now I’m a Nutjob Too!

Now I think I must have the same loose screw.

Here are some reasons I now prefer to work out in the morning.

  • It gets it done already and off your plate
  • You know you have plenty in the tank.
  • You can have your morning coffee and it doubles as a pre-workout supplement!
  • You start your day with a success
  • Exercise is energizing and invigorating
  • An evening pre-workout boost supplement might keep you up at night
  • Life often gets in the way and you don’t have time to go at night
  • By the end of the day, it requires all kinds of self talk just to show up!
  • The gym is crazy crowded at night, especially Monday!
  • My teenage daughter is now my workout partner so all these reasons go double

When do you work out? Is it working for you?

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