Men used to take their shirts off

Guys with Shirts off

Guys with Shirts off

Show me some skin, dude!

When I was growing up, men constantly had their shirts off. Can I get a woo hoo? Anyone? <crickets chirp> Perhaps no one recalls those days. It wasn’t a vanity thing. It’s just that when it was hot, off came the shirts.

Mowing the lawn, walking home from the store, at the beach or pool, at a barbecue, etc. Whatever the excuse, off came the shirts! And not just young guys. Old dudes too! It wasn’t weird or anything to see topless men.

Some women got so jealous of men’s freedom that they insisted on their rights to take their tops off too! But I digress! The point is that men felt more comfortable with their shirt off in the heat and they didn’t think twice about it.

Big guy shirt on

Big guy shirt on



You’re not fooling anyone!

Nowadays, men hide under ginormous t-shirts. Who are they kidding? Do they really think they’re fooling women into thinking they are lean and buff and well-muscled underneath the mountain of cloth? Packing a six-pack, not a beer-baby? I guess since this is the new norm and Walmart has adjusted sizing on up, this is just how things are.

Stop pretending it’s all just extra muscle. The guys above have health waists. The big dude doesn’t.

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  • GB

    I’m just now beginning to notice that there are fewer instances, with the exception of when they’re running or playing a pickup game of basketball, of guys of any age going shirtless. I’ve just realized I’ve noticed very few guys in my neighborhood that mow the lawn shirtless, whereas in my teen years in the very late seventies and into the 80’s and 90’s you would see that as the most common mode during the warm months, and that included me—about 2/3 of the time wearing jeans and the other 1/3 wearing shorts. I lived on a fairly small cul-de-sac in my teen years and there were probably five (5) other houses with guys my age or slightly younger, and nearly everyone would be seen from time to time without a shirt through the 1980’s, some more than others. With the exception of mowing the lawn or doing some other yardwork, I usually didn’t go shirtless very often, but about half of the other guys seemed to spend the entire summer without a shirt. Another thing that was fairly common was guys going into grocery stores and convenience stores w/o a shirt, and in fact I did as well in a few instances after mowing the lawn and needing to p/u some more gas or running some errand while I was cooling off later in the day after mowing the lawn. I did that as late as the mid-to-late 90’s, but now you hardly see anyone doing this at all—not even as part of a quick in-and-out at a convenience store. It is a lot more taboo, seemingly, to not have a shirt on in public—even if it’s outside but around your own yard.