Lose Weight and Increase Your Metabolism

Everywhere you go, fitness gurus promise you that you can lose weight and increase your metabolism. If anything else happens, your metabolism is declared “broken”.

What is Metabolism?

Before going any further, do you stop to think what that means? For our purposes, metabolism means how many calories you burn a day, or, put another way, how much food (fuel) you get to eat. The bottom line is we all love eating and we want to do more of it!

But think about this for a second. Does it really make sense that you should make your body smaller and increase your metabolism?

Is it possible? Sure. You can always increase your metabolism by moving more.

But did you know that a smaller body, like, say, the lean sexy body you are looking to attain will burn fewer calories for the same exact exercise. And by the way, even if you don’t drop an ounce, you will burn fewer calories doing the same exact exercise! It kinda sucks but it’s true. Think about it. As you get more efficient, you’ll move better. (Unless of course you choose to move like Phoebe when she runs through Central Park! <—- stop and watch this video. I’ll wait. Come back and finish reading because there is an exciting sexy conclusion you won’t want to miss!¬†You’re back? That’s some funny stuff. Okay, time to get serious again.)

Getting Fit is Science

Everything I talk about in this blog is science with a tiny bit of art but no mythology is allowed. Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Here is my BMR (basal metabolic rate) from when I was fat, as calculated by an industry standard formula:

BMR when overweight

And this is my BMR now, after having lost all that extra fat.

As you can see from the above numbers, my BMR dropped from 1565 calories/day to 1384 calories/day. Basically, what this is telling us is I get to eat around 200 fewer calories than I used to when I was fat.

Try this exercise yourself and see what happens. (Be sure to select the correct gender and BMR at current and target weight.)

But My Metabolism is Broken!!!

If you notice that as you lose weight, you get to eat less, brace yourself for the rest of the double whammy. A smaller body burns fewer calories for the same activity and as you get more efficient over time, you burn fewer calories (see Phoebe video for a possible workaround). You can change up activities (and I suggest you do) to trick this and you can add weight vests to increase the work load if you don’t mind having heavy, uncomfortable and very smelly heavy things dangling off your person, or you can….wait for it….eat less!

I know. Radical stuff.

So How Much Do I Get to Eat?

If you would like to be guided through the process of transformation, I strongly suggest you get research on your side and drop the mythology that preys on your wishful thinking. Using a scientific, fun workout program such as Adonis Index for men or Venus Index for women in combination with science driven eating information (I strongly recommend the Anything Goes Diet and Eat Stop Eat) and you will see results.


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