Learn the Secrets of a 47 Year Old Cover Girl

Naomi Is a 47 Year Old Venus Cover Girl? Say What?

Oh wow! I’m a poster child! A cover girl! Check it out! I’m on the front page of the Venus Index FaceBook fanpage.

Venus Index Cover Girl

And, if you are considering buying Venus Index and want to learn more about the Venus Index Community (forum) feature, you’ll hear my name tossed around a time or two. Or ten. And even get a peek at my blog.

Transformation Works Best with Support

This is no accident. My success in transforming is intricately woven with the Venus Index program and all the accompanying systems. I found blogging and sharing the process with others integral to my success and also a part of my plan to pay it forward. What on earth is the point of all this if you don’t share it and help others?

So join my forum*, which I’m about to open up and get support around dieting and exercising while you transform your body. And/Or (not mutually exclusive), if you want to go whole hog and do it the Venus Index way, join up there and I’ll talk to you both places. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the next few days for future my clients (insert your name here, you know you wanna)! I promise you won’t want to miss this.

*So, what’s all this about my forum? I’ve been working with a select group of clients who are already in process with their personal transformations!

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