Just for fun: Jeans!

Just for fun, today I’m going to talk about something that’s on my mind almost as much as delicious food, and that topic is jeans!

For anyone who wishes to have a peek, I recently got an invite to pinterest (shout out to Kelly! Thank you!) so I’ve started a board called Jeans: The whole point of getting fit! The second most fun thing for me, after learning how to eat, has been being able to wear size 4 jeans, and, well wear them well! I’ve got a beautiful collection of amazing brands, mostly boot cut, a few skinnies, something at 47 years old I never thought would happen, and a few yet to find. I buy all my jeans at a local consignment shop so um, I guess I need to do a shout out to the college girls for supplying me. And girls, if you’re dropping these off because they don’t fit any more, give me a shout and I can hook ya back up. But if it’s because they are so last year (OMG!), well then, um, thanks!

I also want to give a shout out to my friend Beth who turned me on to Ain’t No Mom Jeans, which inspired the look you see pictured in the link above.

I’m still still learning my way around pinterest so bear with me as I get it all purty.¬†Of course the perfectionist in me delays on posting more photos because of the whole hair and makeup thing. Maybe there’s a “Ain’t No Mom Hair” website. Sigh.

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