It's Dangerous for Teenage Girls to Lift Weights!

My older daughter recently became a teenager!

Do you know what this means?

Lifting Weights at 13

That’s right! She’s got her own gym membership! She is now able to work out in the weight area!

Besides getting a learner’s permit, this is the biggest teen milestone! Well, okay, maybe there’s a flaw in my logic there. But for now, this is huge!

I’ve been introducing her to working out with weights. Each time we go, she learns a few new exercises and we focus on excellent form. After a week or two, she was ready to begin doing the Venus Index workouts.

I am by no means a personal trainer but I do have an excellent intuitive sense of how to use the body and many years experience lifting weights. I have also totally revamped my form on the big lifts and then talked my husband into letting me work on him. We are both finding we rarely get injured as a result. So I feel qualified to help my daughter get started.

I spoke with John Barban about my plan before we began. Many trainers will shy away from children lifting weights. You can research this and make your own decision. The concern is about developing growth plates being stressed by weight bearing. John agrees with me that it’s absolutely fine for my daughter to be lifting weights.

Our Bodies Atrophy While We Argue the Safety of Weight Lifting

I am not planning to turn my daughter into a body builder. We are both interested in her getting stronger. I have no idea why it’s considered okay to let children slump in front of screens all day but when it comes to picking up heavy stuff, well, whoa there! That’s dangerous! We’re meant to move and get stuff done! It’s to her disadvantage that she’s been delayed this long and I am thrilled she can finally begin to catch up.

I’m so Proud of Her Gorgeous Form!

I’m doing the workouts with her. Today, she was ready to add a second set to each exercise in the program. And she did deadlifts for the very first time. Deadlifts are considered one of the most important exercises among those in the know but they can also be one of the most dangerous if performed poorly. All the time I’ve put in on my form and that of my husband paid off today. She did these with such gorgeous form! I had absolutely no concern of her tweaking anything.

Keep the Weights Light and Get the Form Right

Even though I am doing many times the amount of weight she’s doing, there is no pressure to increase weight even when she can very obviously go up. And I’ll rush to drop her to a lower weight or body weight rather than see her struggle and risk and injury or risk forming poor movement patterns.

This is all very new to her and it’s critical that we keep the atmosphere sufficiently light but at the same time reasonably challenging. She was not breaking a sweat doing only one set. With two sets, she definitely broke a light sweat, telling me that the challenge is just right.

Keep it Fun

Before we started, my daughter was somewhat less enthusiastic than I was about ┬áher lifting weights. She was excited to join the gym and play with all the fancy toys. I can see that is wearing off already. Weight lifting, if properly introduced and kept interesting, is fun! The Venus Index workout program is challenging and she’s very much enjoying the feeling of satisfaction as she masters each new move. She regularly asks if I can see her muscles! Of course I can!


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