It’s Beach Time!

Beach Ready BodyHey everyone, the water’s fine! C’mon in!

Or, if you’re like me, dip your toes, boogie board for about 20 minutes, but mostly hang under the umbrella enjoying the ocean breeze, watching the kids, and snoozing catching up on reading.

Wait what?

It’s not beach season yet?

Yeah, okay, even here in balmy North Florida, it’s still not beach season for some time.

But are you gonna do what you usually do? Think about bathing suit months from now, realize last year’s suit doesn’t fit, complain about what stores have and how badly it fits, avoid the beach entirely or show up and keep your shirt and shorts on the whole time? All while wishing to feel the lovely sensation of sunshine on your bare middle?

If you want to get ready for beach season, start now! It doesn’t take weeks. It takes months.

And what better way to begin than doing a 3 month transformation contest!

Women click here to get beach ready this year

Men click here to get beach ready this year

These are the programs my husband and I followed to get to where we are. We don’t have to stress anymore. We now know how to live in a beach ready body. As do many others who have done these transformation contests.

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