How to Transform and Succeed at Maintenance

Gripped with fear

Before I began my personal transformation, I found myself frozen with fear at the prospect of doing something that was so obvious to everyone around me and then failing by gaining back all the weight. Once I finally figured out how to make the transformation, I still didn’t feel fully confident that I had any clue how to live there; I was still thinking that I was over 40, my metabolism had slowed down, I’d had 2 kids, perhaps I had some thyroid or other health issue, etc. The point is, I just didn’t feel confident then that I’d live out the rest of my years at my newly attained size.

FaceBook for Accountability

I chose what was perhaps a drastic approach and shared openly on FaceBook even before I was making good progress. When I entered the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, I entered to win. For that reason and for holding myself accountable, I went public. I continued to share my journey as winner of the Venus Index Open Contest and Venus Index Open Level II because I now understand how to maintain for life and I want to show that I have not rebounded!

Far to go: proceed at autobahn speeds

Far to go: proceed at autobahn speeds

How to Fail at Dieting and Cause Rebounds

It turns out that there is a right and wrong way to diet. Well, okay, there are many wrong ways and a few right ways. Anything that gets you to your goal as fast as possible is right, rrright? Well, not so fast. Literally!

Tailor Your Speed to Where You Are

If you are driving with traffic at highway speeds, you get into a flow. If you are on the autobahn, the only limitation to your speed is your car and safety. So what this means is that if you have a long enough way to go, you can actually go very quickly indeed, which, in dieting terms translates to not taking in a lot of calories. While this approach works at that point, results can be disastrous if this technique is implemented at the wrong time.

Don’t Mess With Your Engine

Imagine going full speed ahead towards a traffic light. This is clearly not safe in traffic and it also isn’t safe for your body. When people speak of damaged metabolisms and starvation mode, the studies where these become real issues refer to people who are lean. In other words, people who are about to hit their goal. Red light. Full stop.

Goal in sight: SLOW down!

Goal in sight: SLOW down!

Taper Your Speed

As you approach the red light or your goal, you intuitively decelerate at a gradual pace until you are fully stopped. This is the dieting equivalent of gradually tapering off dieting and back to eating at maintenance levels. It’s really that simple.

The trick here is how do we know how much we should have at  a given point? There is actually exciting new research on this as well as a calculator to guide you to finding the ideal driving speed for your continued success both in reaching and maintaining your goal!

That’s where the Reverse Taper Diet comes into play! Learn more about the Reverse Taper Diet.


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