How to Successfully Diet: Diets DO work!

Everyone swears that:

  1. they have Tried Everything
  2. they are Broken and that
  3. Diets Don’t Work

Oh and also all the programs out there will tell you that It’s Not Your Fault!

If that were all true, why even try in the first place?

But then how do you explain people like me who were fat, got thin, and stayed there?

Naomi Rules: Before and After

A year later, I look better than the “After Photo!”

I know, it’s your thyroid. Your metabolism is broken.  Your shoelaces came untied.  You had a surgery.  Your coworkers bring donuts. Or something. There! <dusts hands> Nothing you can do about it.

But still, you have that niggling feeling that maybe there is a way and perhaps it won’t kill you! All you need is belief. Could it? Is it possible?

I am thrilled to sprinkle magic fairy dust finally be able to share the solution with you! I took a long enough time to cut down that maintenance will not be for just a minute. How many people do you know that got to where they wanted to go only to bounce right back up (the graph would look like the letter V)? Why even bother with that? Do it the right way; follow a research based program that works for your current weight and measurements and is specific to your gender and age and takes into account your height.

And this program does not abandon you once you hit your ideal! Just because you did the dishes, do they stay done? Nope, it takes daily work to keep up with life tasks and maintaining your body and health is no different. So learn how to get to your ideal body size and shape for life!


4 comments to How to Successfully Diet: Diets DO work!

  • Dora

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyrodiits (low thyroid) and have been able to loose 45 lbs over the last year with Naomi’s help and guidance. Thanks Naomi!

    • Thank you, Dora for being so open-minded. You had so many questions at the beginning but you jumped right in and did what YOU needed to do! I am so proud of you! And thrilled for you. You are gorgeous!

    • Mie

      if your desperate to loose wgihet and wanna change your gunna be willing to wait and especially if you wanna do it the healthy way so your body never has to suffer from harsh dieting quit being childish im sure im alot younger then you and i look smarter

  • Wow, a very strong subject matter…taboo issue about obstacles that hold us back from losing weight, and yes, these obstacles are legit..they come to our lives, be it medical, mental, cultural, hardships suffered etc.

    However, when focus and determination match an attitude where you can’t be denied, weightloss will happen…it will be inevitable.

    Whether it be programs that NaomiRules stands 100% behind it or other programs out there.

    This is about inspiring, motivating, helping initiate our own transformations and never meant to offend and disrespect.

    Always be your own truth seeker, take what we need, discard what does not click.

    Never ever give up on your mission to lose weight…Onward, forward..and rock on!!! even to last breath!